A New Year and a New Start

At the end of last year we lost our Learning Centre room at Marino Pl. Fortunately it was right at the end of the year so we were able to complete our last learning session without interruption.

We have decided not to rent a dedicated space for our Learning Centre going forward. Instead have opted for a relocatable arrangement using laptop/notebook computers instead of a fixed desktop system.

We were originally going to look for a suitable church or community hall, or such, as a place to start 2017 in, but over the holiday break it has been decided to make use of my own house as the Learning Centre as all the necessary items are already here since it has become the SeniorNet Kaikohe office anyway.

New details – please note these down for future reference.

Address – 43 Orrs Rd, Kaikohe.
Phone – 021 026 90381  (phone or text)
Email –

Tuesday class starts at 10 am, February 7th.
Thursday classes at 10 am and 1 pm, February 9th.

If you have a laptop computer you will need to bring that to use. If you do not have a laptop computer then we do have a laptop computer that you can use in the Learning Centre.

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