The courses on offer at this time are:

Basic Course
For an introduction to your computer, control of the mouse, creating and saving your work into folders.

Word Processing (1) and (2)
Learn to edit your documents, to make columns, to cut and paste, add clipart and wordart, create layouts, make a booklet, etc.

Email and Internet
Learn to create, send and receive emails to family and friends, to add photos and documents, put an address book together.
Get onto the internet, to search for sites of interest, download, for research and play games online.

Scan your photos, add them to documents, send on an email, size them, etc.

Using Microsoft Excel to create pages for your accounts, making a budget, working out formulas etc.

Digital Imaging
Learn to create cards and calendars, business cards etc. Work with your photos and personalize your work.

Learn to use genealogy software (Legacy) to compile all your genealogical research.

Learn to use Microsoft PowerPoint to create stunning presentations for business or pleasure.

Photo Editing
Learn to work with your digital photos, organize them, improve poor photos, special effects, etc.

Talk to us about your requirements – we will help if we can. We are also happy to help you build onto your current level of knowledge.

Course Charges

There is a SeniorNet Annual Membership Fee of $20.00 payable once per year.
Courses run in 5 week Sessions but there is no requirement to complete a set amount in that time. You can continue for as many Sessions as you wish. Each 5 week Session (One class of 2 hours each week) – $35.00

Single one off help sessions can also be taken – 2 hours for $10, no SeniorNet membership required. Phone 021 026 90381 to book a time.